Coach & Commitments embraces professionals that are highly capable to transfer their experiences to others. Our people work in an international environment for clients all over Europe, on individual basis or in teams. They develop bespoke solutions, carry out trainings and workshops and are skillful coaches.

Coach & Commitments is characterised by a team of inspired, passionate, result driven professionals that have high business knowledge. We are supported by scientific insight and technology, but are in close relationship with practice and business.

Our colleagues work in an agreeable atmosphere, but expect no more than the best of each other.

Peter Rademakers, Owner of Coach & Commitments, formerly Corporate Development Officer on the Board of Directors at Ordina. Prior to this, he held numerous top management positions at Ordina and other ICT companies. Within Coach & Commitments, Peter is the sales and strategy expert.

Frijke Weeda, Managing Director As a Work- and Organisational Psychologist she specialises in social processes within organisations. Previously, Frijke worked upon the development and implementation of sales initiatives in international organisations. Her experience with a variety of European organisations resulted in an interest in cultural diversity and working with multidisciplinary teams. Frijke constantly endeavours to gain an insight into an individual's talents, so that everyone can be empowered to contribute to an organisation's success. Frijke prioritises leveraging and developing talent as a way to achieving results.

Eltjo Benedick, Consultant, Eltjo is BusinessPsychologist with a natural interest in processes and supporting systems forteam effectiveness. Regarding his background he is fascinated by the humanpsyche, which he combines with business insight, focusing on successful processdesign, effective communication and a collaborative focus in reachingorganisational objectives. In his work as Sales Consultant, Eltjo is passionateabout supporting the success of commercial teams using Miller Heiman’s decennialong experience with best practices in Sales. For Coach&Commitments Eltjo isresponsible for Business Development and Account Management.

Frans Coenen, Consultant, brings to Coach & Commitments a broad international sales experience across a variety of industries (management consultancy, information technology, software sales). Frans delivers sales performance solutions that deliver results. He achieves this through intercompany culture changes, sales performance training and undertaking coaching and consultancy challenges. Fluent in four European languages (English, Spanish, Dutch and German) and a strong relationship builder, Frans can help organisations by offering customer-centric solutions to challenges and issues faced by sales organisations.

Marjan Visser, Consultant,
has a 20 year track record of success in global organisations across Europe, Asia and the USA. She began her training and coaching career in the airline industry before moving to the United Kingdom as a Global L&D Manager responsible for the international Sales and Service centres of a Telecommunications company. Since then she has worked successfully in training, coaching and consultancy. Her key skills lie in sales management, coaching and cross-cultural management. She engages clients to build trust and to communicate complex concepts in a clear and structured way. Marjan is multi-lingual, NLP and MBTI qualified and has a Master’s Degree in International Strategic HRM.

Sanna Visser, Manager Business Development, was formally a world-class professional athlete. Sanna has played international volleyball at the very highest level, and from a very young age. Sanna’s experience of high-pressure elite performance, derived from the world of professional sport, has given her a unique and priceless insight into team development and leadership. Within  Coach & Commitments Sanna is responsible for business development. With her inspirational, yet unassuming personality she knows how to motivate others.

Andrew Poland, Consultant, comes to Coach & Commitments with more than twenty years experience in sales and marketing within the Medical Devices industry. Andrew’s knowledge and awareness of business comes from time served as a Salesman, Global Product Manager, European Product Specialist and a range of senior international sales and marketing roles. Most recently Andrew was European Director of Training for a large multinational company, introducing a range of the most up to date and effective sales excellence programs with his characteristic drive and passion. His belief is that through Coach & Commitments, he can help organisations and individuals realise their true potential through training, providing the correct tools of the trade followed up with, and supported by high quality coaching.

Maurice Schneider, Consultant, as a business economist he specializes in business process optimization and operational excellence. Experienced for more than 20 years in various leadership, management and advisory roles in professional business services, he connects people, teams and organizations in an authentic way and transforms them into efficient and result driven units. Maurice gets the cooperation and communications going between sales, marketing, development and operations from a clear customer focus. At the same time he develops talent and puts people into their strength. His motto is "dare to be different, be true to yourself".

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