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From our deeply held belief, we aim at changing behaviour and create insight to achieve targeted results.  

Coach & Commitments is a Miller Heiman Distribution Partner. Miller Heiman is our partner and market leader in the field of commercial processes and Sales management tools. We are licensed to perform the following Miller Heiman programs;

1. Large Account Management Process (LAMP)

LAMP® (Miller Heiman’s Gold Sheet) is the instrument that helps organisations improve the proposition towards customers (or departments) on the basis of a one page strategy and action oriented account plan. By implementing and using LAMP, organisations are better equipped to manage their long-term relationships with clients and develop sustainable, high level partnerships.

2. Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling® (Miller Heiman’s Blue Sheet) is a structured approach to optimise the influence on the customer’s buying process in order to improve the chance of success with complex accounts. Opportunities are better qualified, resulting in high quality tenders that are more probable to become orders.  

3. Conceptual Selling

Conceptual Selling® (Miller Heiman’s Green Sheet) focuses at identifying customer needs and improving the effectivity of communication in sales calls and visits, resulting in augmenting the chance of closing the deal. By doing so, every opportunity in collecting valuable information will be most efficient. Conceptual Selling also creates added value to your customers, making them more committed to your organisation.  

4. Channel Partner management  

Channel Partner Management® (Miller Heiman’s Platinum Sheet) creates a practical, planned approach for managing the cooperation with distribution partners. It comprises generating  pro-actively sales opportunities via indirect channels. By using Channel Partner Management, relationships of important partners will be better managed and developed with a long term, win-win perspective in mind.       

5. Sales Access Manager

Sales Access Manager is a software application providing organisations with a practical way to leverage the sales process for improved collaboration and planning. It is the ideal instrument to make sure information is easily accessible, creating a better overview of the account/buyer. Sales professionals will be better able to make judgements on necessary actions in developing the opportunity through the sales funnel. Sales Access Manager is the ‘spider in the web’, integrating other Miller Heiman solutions like LAMP, Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling. It can also be fully integrated with every CRM-system currently available on the market.

Next to these programs, we also implement the following Miller Heiman products;

-     Executive Impact
-     Funnel Scorecard
-     Negotiate Success
-     Securing Strategic Appointments
-     Sales Excellence Assessment & Benchmarking

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