The Miller Heiman Sales System

On a global scale an increasing amount of people in direct sales become acquainted with Miller Heiman’s processes for one reason: it works!

For the last 35 years over one million account managers and sales representatives have participated in Miller Heiman trainings and successfully applied some of Sales best practices. How can such a large group of professionals be enthusiastic about it? Miller Heiman Inc. offers a structured method for sales in a way that optimises the chances that customers want to buy our clients’ products.

Miller Heiman Inc. is global market leader in offering solutions for commercial processes; it creates well formulated strategies and action plans for account management and sales departments. Miller Heiman therefore creates a direct improvement of commercial excellence for sales organisations.

Complete process

The integrated program portfolio aims for the complete process of pursuing leads, business acquisition and ‘closing the deal’, but also on account development. In working with our customers, we use the Sales System to first discover the current situation. For every step in the Sales System, Miller Heiman can align it's products and expertise, based on having the advantage of working with World Class Sales Organisations. No two organisations are the same, therefore we design the best solution for our customer with our customer.

Characterising Workshops  

As highly valued expert on the basis of process implementation, Miller Heiman is complementary to many skill-related trainings. Miller Heiman is characterised as a systematic approach and pragmatic method for account managers and sales representatives. Our workshops are designed with a highly practical focus and therefore have a direct link to our client’s daily practice, based on own, relevant cases. The end-goal is to determine a mid- and/or long-term strategy and clear, hands-on short-term action plans. Analysis, strategy and action plan are formulated and displayed in a clear blueprint of A3 or A4 format. The sheets create a common language and way of working, to stimulate cooperation within teams.

Durable Change

Implementation of Sales Best Practices is daily business for us, however we strive for change in everything we do. We start with the end in mind and help organisations in reaching their objectives; building a stronger Sales Funnel, strengthening customer relationships, knowing where best to invest resources in and therefore increasing Sales force effectivity, et cetera.

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