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Coach & Commitments helps organisations improving their performance; both on financial revenues and on customer satisfaction. We achieve this by building on the commercial efficiency and develop the desired behaviour in employees. To be outstanding in our implementations, we use internationally proven solutions and service offerings in the field of team processes and individual competencies. We are result driven and commit to it, since it is our firm belief that what we implement inevitably leads to excellent outcomes.

Coach & Commitments is one of the largest Miller Heiman distribution partners in Europe, licensed to implement Miller Heiman’s internationally valued products. Miller Heiman is the leading organisation in sales processes, defining and documenting what makes successful selling. Our products are built around experience in a variety of industries and scientifically proven, up-to-date methodologies.

Creating the drive to be successful

 Sales Best Practice Study 2012
NEXOR Open Subscriptions for Strategic Selling
More than 25.000 people have contributed to the vast  Scientific knowledge Miller Heiman has in Sales. Every year Miller Heiman initiates a research to keep track of trends, challenges and best practices Sales Organisations experience.

Would you like to challenge yourself by comparing your organisation to World's best performing Sales organisations? Click on the picture below;

On the 28th and 29th of March our business partner NEXOR will facilitate Open Subscriptions for the Miller Heiman Workshop 'Strategic Selling' in the Netherlands.

Challenge yourself and your colleagues in managing your most valuable opportunities

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